Yongnian High-end standard parts National Industrial Park

The site is located in the standard parts gathering area, east of Zhonghua Avenue, south of north Outer Ring road, north of Yonghe Line and west of East Third Ring Road. High-end fastener production and equipment production projects from domestic and other countries and regions such as Germany, South Korea and Taiwan have been introduced. Construction of high standard equipment manufacturing area, standard parts workpiece surface treatment area, high-end standard parts production, logistics, warehousing areas, steel trade, trade sector and other functional areas and electroplating of dangerous goods and raw materials testing center, service center, inland port of export tax rebate center, financial center, technical support center, life supporting functions such as the center, a total construction area of 563000 square meters. After completion, the annual output of high-end standard parts production equipment 7000 sets, high-end fasteners 50,000 tons, pickling phosphating standard parts raw materials 600,000 tons, galvanized products 600,000 tons and so on.

Post time: Dec-07-2021